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"FEMA flood maps missed 75% of claims"

-Rice University

Coastal Risk’s affordable and detailed reports show an individual property’s exposure to storm surges, extreme coastal tides, river and stream flooding, hurricanes, heavy rainfall, groundwater inundation, and the impact of future sea level rise. And we can point you to flood protection solutions.


Our Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™ is an easy-to-read report of flood risk. You’ll see current and future vulnerability of a home, business or commercial address, group of properties, neighborhood, or municipality.

  • High Resolution (up to 1 sq. meter) Maps of Tidal and Storm Surge Flooding
  • Official Flood / Wind Zones and Building Elevation Requirements
  • Hurricane Storm Surge Maximum Heights and Strike Probability
  • Number of Tidal Flood Days by Year
  • Heavy Rainfall Flooding Risks (Low, Med, High)
  • One-on-one Consultation with Our Scientific Experts
  • Flood Protection & Prevention Solutions with Our Strategic Partners

($199) $99

Our detailed analysis of your property helps you make informed decisions about buying, selling, insuring, and protecting real estate and getting the best flood insurance rates.

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Our assessment of flood risk for an individual property or multiple locations adds to your due diligence risk management. We can also introduce you to our strategic partners for flood protection and adaptation products.

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