Is your property at risk
for flooding?

As sea levels rise, so does the threat of flooding. What risks will your home and community face in 10, 15 or even 30 years?

Here’s how you can prepare

Learn your risk of flooding by purchasing one of our flood risk assessment reports.Coastal Risk’s flood risk score, developed by our team of leading scientists, accurately predicts an individual property’s risk—now and into the future. Get the facts today so you can make informed decisions.

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How It Works

FEMA flood maps don’t show your individual property’s risk of flooding. But Coastal Risk can. Watch the video below to see how it works.


Get Your Flood
Risk Score

FIRST Score®, our comprehensive flood risk report, tells you a coastal property’s risk of flooding from tidal and storm surges, heavy rainfall, wind, and groundwater inundation, today and into the future. Our more in-depth Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ includes your flood score plus detailed full-color maps and an in-depth, customized look at your property’s vulnerability to climate dangers. Armed with this knowledge, Coastal Risk can guide those with a high flood-risk score in considering products and solutions to help reduce their property’s risk of flooding.

Sea Level Rise Tidal Flood Days – Risk Meter and 30 Year Graph  yes  yes
FEMA Base Flood Elevation, and Flood, Wind, Evacuation and Community Rating Zones yes  yes
Hurricane Storm Surge Heights in Future Years  yes  yes
Groundwater Flooding & Heavy Rainfall Risks (Low, Med, High)  yes  yes
Full-Price Credit Towards CRRA™ yes  yes
Full Color Location Maps of Tidal Flooding  no  yes
Full Color Location Maps of Storm Surge Flooding  no  yes
Full Color Elevation Map of Property at 1 Foot Increments.  no  yes
One-on-one Consultation with Scientific Experts  no  yes

Protect Your Property and Your Investment

FIRST Score® Package
For single family homes

Know where you stand.

Coastal Risk’s proprietary scientific methodology provides you with an online flood score for any given address (including the street in front of the property entrance). The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

Package includes:
  • A science-based risk score for tidal/sea-level rise flooding — now and in the future
  • Flood zone, wind zone, community rating score, Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)
  • Coastal risk assessment for groundwater/heavy rainfall flooding
  • Hurricane storm surge assessment

View a Sample Report

Download a detailed example of our FIRST Score® Package below.

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Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™
For all commercial and residential properties

Go in depth.
Get more of an edge.

Our Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ will equip you with all the facts and tools you need to get climate ready and storm safe — now and in the years to come.

Package includes:
  • FIRST Score® Report
  • Full-color maps of the property with location and duration of tidal and storm surge flooding
  • Full-color elevation map showing range
  • Multi-year views
  • Detailed analysis and commentary by our scientific experts

View a Sample Report

Download a detailed example of our Coastal Risk Rapid Assesment™ below.

View Sample Report

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Score now. Upgrade later.

Once you review your FIRST Score® report, you can upgrade to the Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ for a more comprehensive analysis. We’ll simply credit your initial investment towards the cost. We can also provide customized advice about protecting your property.

Call Coastal Risk at 844 SEA RISE (844 732-7473) to learn more.

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