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A property’s RiskFootprint™ affects its value! Find out how much a home is really worth by understanding its current and future risks.

Accelerating climate resilience through asset-level risk assessment insights.

AWS Government, Education, & Nonprofits Blog | February 2020

Buying property is emotional. Tech can help people understand their home’s climate risks.

MarketplaceTech | October 2019

A conundrum for affluent property owners: does it make sense to build a higher home in a neighborhood that faces chronic flooding?

The Invading Sea | August 2019

Potential buyers need to be given more information about a property’s flood risks.

The Invading Sea | July 2019

Sea Level is on the Rise: What Does it Mean for Miami?

The Weather Channel | 2018

Norfolk Church gets Climate Ready and Storm Safe

Coastal Risk Consulting | 2017

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