Why order a Coastal Risk Flood Report for your home or business? Isn’t a FEMA flood map good enough?

A recent study found that FEMA failed to capture 75 percent of flood damages within their flood maps between 1999 and 2009. FEMA flood maps simply fail to provide comprehensive flood risk assessments for your property:

  1. FEMA flood maps cannot identify an individual property’s flooding risks from heavy rainfall. Coastal Risk’s reports model heavy rainfall flood risks for every property in the US.
  2. FEMA flood maps don’t include coastal tidal flooding risks to your home or business. Tidal flooding becomes a “threat multiplier” if a hurricane comes ashore at high tide. Coastal Risk’s report shows a property’s vulnerability to tidal flooding and to even more severe King Tides.
  3. FEMA flood maps underestimate the height of hurricane storm surge. The higher the surge, the greater the damage. Coastal Risk’s reports incorporate more reliable NOAA models, providing realistic intelligence about water heights higher than FEMA’s “Base Flood Elevations”. 
  4. FEMA flood maps treat all properties in a flood zone alike in terms of flood risk. In fact, different properties in the same FEMA flood zone can have vastly different flood risks. Coastal Risk’s reports show accurate flood risks based on a specific property’s elevation and location.
  5. FEMA flood maps don’t visualize where on your property flooding will occur and how deep it will be. Coastal Risk’s reports do.
  6. FEMA flood maps are “backward looking”, basing their risk assessments on historical data. Coastal Risk’s reports are “forward looking”, taking into account rising sea levels and changing climate impacts for decades ahead.
  7. FEMA cannot help individuals or businesses make informed decisions to “buy, sell, protect or insure” a property. Coastal Risk’s accurate and comprehensive flood risk modeling and risk communication services help match your property’s specific flood risks with cost-efficient flood mitigation products and services.