Storm Surge – Heavy Rainfall – Tidal Flooding

Insurers and reinsurers face mounting claims from floods and extreme weather impacts. At the same time, new business opportunities are arising as private flood insurance gains ground over inadequate NFIP coverage.

Learn property-specific (up to 1 sq meter resolution) flood risk to optimize premium calculations. Our Flood & Coastal Risk Assessment™ is available for any coastal or inland property -- residential, commercial, or industrial -- in the United States.

Contact us for analysis of portfolios containing multiple assets and for flood risk reports for global properties.

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Coastal Risk provides detailed reports about a residential or commercial property’s: current and 30-year risk from:

  • Heavy rainfall and river flooding
  • Extreme tides
  • Storm surge
  • Hurricanes (Categories 1, 3, 5)

Coastal Risk’s technology helps:

  • Agents sell more flood insurance
  • Underwriters optimize premiums based on granular asset-level analysis

Our Science Includes

Phase 1 – Rapid Screen for Flood Risks

  • “Screen shot” to rapidly determine flood risk (low-med-high) for multiple properties

Phase 2 – Take a Deeper Dive with the Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™

  • For properties with significant flood risks, take a “deeper dive” with parcel-specific visual reports

Phase 3 – Flood Protection as a Service™

  • Learning the flood risk of properties you insure is an important first step. For properties at risk, we can identify the measures that your insureds should take to protect their properties from future flooding, reducing your risk of future claims for damage and loss.

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