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“I purchased a report from Coastal Risk before even making an offer on a lovely riverfront home in North Carolina. Their comprehensive flood risk report helped me decide that the house was a safe investment for me and my family.”

– David Friedman, Winton, NC

“I called Coastal Risk Consulting as part of my due diligence for the purchase of a piece of land on the Eastern coast of Florida because I was very concerned about the possibility of flooding. The Coastal Risk Rapid Assessment™ report I received greatly exceeded my expectations. It was very thorough, helpful, and made it easy to move forward in this $2 million sale. I found this company to be very helpful and responsive. I would recommend Coastal Risk to anyone who is buying, insuring, or funding any piece of property!”

– Diana Goulet, Commercial Real Estate Buyer

“Grey Door Luxury Homes is a designer and builder of high end residential homes in South Florida. A number of our properties are built on the Inter-Coastal and, it is imperative that we design our homes using accurate flood prediction models. Coastal Risk team, its models and succinct, but comprehensive, reports provided everything we need. We see this as a valuable and differentiating part of our business model and one that gives our clients added confidence when buying one of our homes on South Florida waterways.”

– Stanley Young, President, Grey Door Luxury Homes

“I did research before deciding whether to build a home and how high to elevate it. It was very difficult to get much real information upon which to base my decision. I found that local zoning had no future resiliency built in. Of course, much is unknown and there are no guarantees. But, this report from Coastal Risk helped me make informed decisions, and, I am very grateful for that. Simply taking a guess and adding a few feet of elevation or deciding, without any scientific basis, how many steps to add didn’t seem responsible to me. So thank you for offering this report, it really helped me a great deal!”

– Kayle Simon, Sarasota Homeowner

“Coastal Risk Consulting conducted a comprehensive vulnerability analysis and provided detailed street by street flood risk visualizations for every year for the next 30 years. This was very useful for a community that is increasingly impacted by Sea Level Rise, to determine what actions to take to preserve and protect our structures and way of life. Coastal Risk also provided Key Biscayne with practical adaptation strategies that were effectively explained to Village residents and officials at well-attended Town Hall Meetings.”

– Melissa White, Executive Director, Key Biscayne Community Foundation & Village of Key Biscayne Partnership

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