Coastal Risk joins to provide its online flood and natural hazard risk assessment services ( to smart cities across the US —  Coastal Risk is a flood and natural hazard risk assessment technology company. Our mission is to help individuals, businesses and governments in the US and around the world achieve resilience and sustainability. We deliver solutions, not just the bad news. For cities and governments, Coastal Risk performs state-of-the-art sea level rise and climate vulnerability and adaptation studies.

100 Resilient Cities is partnering with to give member cities access to the website’s digital platform, which evaluates and validates new technology for smart cities. The website will join 100RC’s Platform Partners, a collection of tools to foster resilience in cities., which launched in 2017, lets users review smart cities technology, including internet of things (IoT) tools, and connects government officials with vendors and other users. “With technology evolving so rapidly, cities need current and accurate information on what is available,” said 100RC president Michael Berkowitz in a press release. “’s directory not only provides that, but also allows all stakeholders in a city to understand the likely outcomes of selecting a certain product or vendor.”