The impacts of Irma and Harvey were devastating and our thoughts are with the communities that are recovering from these hurricanes. While it is difficult to predict the potential track of a hurricane, there is technology that can accurately predict what will happen to specific properties under different categories of storms and high tide/heavy rainfall conditions. Coastal Risk Consulting is the only company that provides this service for individuals, businesses and governments.

While Irma came ashore in Naples as a Cat 3 hurricane, it had the impact of a Cat 1 in Miami. Prior to the storm, Coastal Risk Consulting conducted a flood risk analysis of the area around the J.W. Marriott hotel in the Brickell Avenue area of Miami. Our analysis showed that the average mean inundation at this site would be 3.3 feet. This was later confirmed by press and local government reporting that flooding at this spot was over 3 feet. The side-by-side representation below shows that   Coastal Risk’s projection of the hotel’s storm surge was consistent with real-time images of Hurricane Irma’s actual impact.

Similarly, we accurately predicted storm surge at the Chamber of Commerce building in Jacksonville. In this case the storm surge was a high category 2, almost a category 3. 

These analyses are important because they help to highlight that certain preventivemeasures can greatly help in reducing damage from flooding risks. For instance, Coastal Risk’s field experiments conducted during “King Tide” season in October 2016 found that where Miami Beach’s pumps were in place and operating, King Tide flooding was substantially reduced.

“Coastal Risk is hopeful that with our advanced modeling, communities will be better informed of their risk,” says Albert Slap, Coastal Risk President. “This type of information can be critical to helping  prepare for devastating storms such as Harvey and Irma.”

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