Your Community’s Historic Buildings Are an Important Part of America’s Heritage.

Are they safe from flooding?

Coastal Risk’s Flood Vulnerability Reports Are Helping Protect Invaluable U.S. Real Estate

We analyze a property’s flood and climate risk, then communicate the results in a graphic report, enabling stakeholders to plan for any adaptations needed to protect a property’s safety and long-term viability.

The U.S. government turned to Coastal Risk to identify flood risk at several National Weather Service facilities. Military installations, power plants, municipalities, and homeowners all have benefited from our reports. We would be privileged to help you protect your community’s valuable resources.

“Coastal Risk Consulting has done an analysis on Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and the risks for flooding over the next number of decades. One of the things I really appreciated about reading this report is that, for an affordable cost, it has the opportunity of empowering not only a Church like ours, but the average homeowner and looking at how he/she can take preventative measures in the face of sea level rise. What Coastal Risk is doing is really exciting to us because what we do in this church over the next 10 years, we want to have an impact that lasts a century. So, we must know what the impacts are and how we can participate in preserving these beautiful historic buildings.”

-Rector Win Lewis, Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

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