Learn about our exclusive Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™, available for Residential or Commercial properties

Is Your Home at Risk of Flooding?

As a homeowner – on the coast or inland – how can you protect your family’s safety, prevent future flooding, and preserve your economic value? Flood and climate damage from torrential downpours, storm and tidal surge, river flooding, hurricanes, groundwater inundation, and future sea level rise are growing threats to homeowners.

We are here for you.

Our mission is to reduce your exposure to loss from flood and climate risk.

After determining your property’s vulnerability, we email you an easy-to-understand graphic report of your home’s flood risk. For at-risk properties, we offer solutions – from preventive maintenance to engineering to flood barriers – to protect your property and which may also lower your insurance premiums.

“After Hurricane Sandy, I was really worried about my property on Long Beach Island. Thoughts of constant flooding and aggravation forced me to consider selling the property. Thanks to Coastal Risk’s, Flood & Climate Risk Assessment™, I was reassured that our property sits on high ground and is at relatively low risk of flooding over the next 20 years. The report provided me with the peace of mind I needed to continue to enjoy and invest in our house.”

-David A. Paul, Homeowner

Flood And Climate Risk Assessment™

Single Family Residential


Our detailed analysis of your property helps you make informed decisions about buying, selling, insuring, and protecting real estate and getting the best flood insurance rates.

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Reports Include…

  • High Resolution (up to 1 sq. meter) Maps of Tidal and Storm Surge Flooding
  • Official Flood / Wind Zones and Building Elevation Requirements
  • Hurricane Storm Surge Maximum Heights and Strike Probability
  • Number of Tidal Flood Days by Year
  • Heavy Rainfall Flooding Risks (Low, Med, High)
  • One-on-one Consultation with Our Scientific Experts
  • Flood Protection & Prevention Solutions with Our Strategic Partners
  • Vulnerability to natural hazards such as earthquakes, wildfires, tornados and tsunamis
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