Coastal Risk’s customized Flood and Climate Risk Assessment offers predictive modeling technology that arms companies with more than a FEMA Flood Map or flood zones by zip code. Coastal Risk offers flood risk by address with one square meter precision, disclosing the precise knowledge of flood vulnerability and heat risk to office buildings, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, and equipment from climate change, hurricanes, flooding, and natural disaster risks.

Property due diligence plays a large role in determining the flood and climate change vulnerability for commercial properties. Coastal Risk gives companies the ability to reduce flood losses and lower reinsurance premiums by informing businesses of property flood history along with future effects with a 30 year flood plain map.

In every state -- whether inland or in coastal areas -- oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities, power generating plants, and chemical companies, as well as the transportation and logistics services that support them, are increasingly vulnerable to flooding risks, extreme weather events and climate impacts.

Coastal Risk's state-of-the art risk analysis of a site's vulnerability to flooding and climate risk goes beyond outdated FEMA flood maps to optimize risk management and business continuity planning. Coastal Risk’s flood analysis reports highlight flooding risk by using the building address, determining the flooding risk for each square meter of the property.

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Coastal Risk has an established network of environmental and engineering partners who can show you a range of cost-effective products and adatapation solutions to reduce or prevent future flooding risk to buildings and properties.

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  • High Resolution (up to 1 sq. meter) Maps of Tidal and Storm Surge Flooding
  • Official Flood / Wind Zones and Building Elevation Requirements
  • Hurricane Storm Surge Maximum Heights and Strike Probability
  • Number of Tidal Flood Days by Year
  • Heavy Rainfall Flooding Risks (Low, Med, High)
  • One-on-one Consultation with Our Help Desk
  • Flood Protection & Prevention Solutions with Our Strategic Partners


Our assessment of flood risk for an individual property or multiple locations adds to your due diligence risk management. We can also introduce you to our strategic partners for flood protection and adaptation products.

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